Lasik Eye Surgery in CT


LASIK eye surgery was first introduced in 1989.  Since then there have been many advances in the performing of the surgery and the costs of LASIK eye surgery in CT has dropped.  Due to its high success rate it has become a very popular way to correct ones eyesight.  If you are tired of wearing glasses or contacts, hospital LASIK eye surgery may be the right choice for you.

The first step in determining whether you are going to opt for LASIK eye surgery in CT is finding the best surgeon.  An ophthalmologist specializes in medical and surgical eye problems.  It is important to find the top CT LASIK eye surgeon that fits your needs and addresses your concerns.   CT LASIK EYE helps you choose the right doctor in your area.  To see a list of the CT LASIK eye surgery doctors, click in the area of CT that you are looking for the CT LASIK EYE surgeons.

Before you choose a LASIK eye center, there are several questions you should ask before determining whether they are the right fit.  You only get one chance at correcting your vision.

  • How long have they been performing LASIK eye surgery procedures in CT?
  • How many LASIK eye surgeries have they performed in Connecticut in the last year?
  • What percentage of their patients has achieved 20/20 vision after the procedure?
  • What percentage of their patients has had complications within six months of the procedure being performed?
  • How do they determine if the patient is eligible for the LASIK eye procedure speaking in health terms?
  • Have they ever performed the LASIK eye surgery and not seen positive results?
  • Are they current with the latest LASIK eye surgery techniques?
  • Are there any past patients that you could contact concerning their LASIK eye surgery experience?
  • What is involved with the LASIK eye after-surgery care?
  • What are the risk and possible complications?

Once you have chosen a LASIK eye surgeon in CT that you feel meets your criteria, the next step will be to setup a consultation appointment.  This will give your doctor the opportunity to determine whether you are a candidate for the LASIK eye surgery.  This will also give you an opportunity to interview your doctor and see if they are truly the best choice for you.  This consultation usually can take up to 3 hours.

During the consultation the doctor will perform a series of tests on your eyes to check their sight and the health of your eyes.  Be sure to take your prescription records with you to the visit.  Also if you wear contacts be sure to stop wearing them before your LASIK eye surgery consultation.

  • Soft contact lenses – stop wearing them for two weeks
  • Toric soft lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses – stop wearing them for three weeks
  • Hard lenses – stop wearing them for four weeks

Contacts can temporarily change the shape of the cornea ad compromise precise measurements in the exam.

Your doctor should perform the following:

  • Dilate your pupils to fine-tune your prescription
  • Examine your eyes to make sure they’re healthy, including testing for glaucoma, performing a retinal exam, and assessing for dry eye.
  • Take the following measurements:
    • The curvature of your cornea and your pupils
    • The topography of your eyes
    • The thickness of your cornea.  You need to have enough tissue left after your corneas have been cut and reshaped.

After your CT LASIK eye surgery consultation your doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.  Most CT LASIK eye doctors will ere on the side of caution as they do want to be liable against any future lawsuits or any negative publicity that could come from a unsuccessful procedure.

The cost of LASIK eye surgery in CT. can range from between $2000 – $5000 dollars.  Using a laser instrument tends to increase the cost when compared to the conventional blade instrument that is used for the LASIK eye surgery.  Also when factoring in the cost difference one must look at the experience of the CT LASIK eye surgeon and their reputation.  When choosing an eye surgeon in CT for your LASIK eye surgery it is best to look at any reviews that are available.

Although choosing a top doctor for your LASIK eye surgery can seem like a daunting task, CT LASIK EYE tries to make it easy as possible for you.  In the long run your eyes are worth it.  Aren’t they?